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This world and especially show biz would be dull and boring without wild persons like Lady Gaga. Enjoy her, absolutely drunk and horny, wearing no usual stage makeup and looking even hotter than ever! The kinky blond singer is having a good time dirtying with her pretty brunette girlfriend in one of the chic nightclubs to the utter enjoyment of other visitors and lucky paparazzi!

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Lady Gaga is one hell of an avant-garde artist exploiting that image of a freaky techie from the future world, but she is never overstepping, unlike so many competitors, in being overly erotic. Now, the more fun it is to watch Lady Gaga boobs exposed when she is caught so totally off her guard at a public event… A true scoop!

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Absolutely hot as well as highly talented, Rihanna is making her appearance off-stage this time and still managed to have all the attention glued to her – thanks to her stunning one-piece swimsuit that actually reveals more celeb nudity than hides! Cheers for curvy Rihanna now, we’ve been dying to see those celeb tits closer, and the sexy black panther has surely lived out one of our dreams this time!

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One of Hollywood’s good girls, Jessica Biel is seldom seen doing something naughty or exposing her celeb nudity to the public, which is a crying shame, for this babe has got everything to make you drool over her juicy form! However, we managed to find some hot pics with gorgeous Jessica showing her chilling out on a beach in sexy bikini exposing those hot celebrity curves!

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Now who is that babe struggling through her way across her boyfriend’s to get out of the car? Could it be some expensive hooker riding in style and coming out in fashion? The top prize for extravagancy gets – ta-dam! - Shauna Sand, or rather her nymphas as well as her pussy slit and well her left tit fallen out of the so-called tiny black dress.

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It might have been a good while since the day of her stardom moment in Basic Instinct, but Sharon has not changed one bit! She is still as good at providing upskirts – Sharon Stone pussy perhaps the only Hollywood pussy that can look this classy when caught off guard! Sharon Stone oops pics shot as the star was chilling out on a private yacht.

Sharon Stone upskirt 1 Sharon Stone upskirt 2 Sharon Stone upskirt 3
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Tight hottie Paris is all too recognizable in her manner to let the pair of her cute firm boobies go unleashed. By George, this honey actually loves showing off her rack assets that this time she just hitched her over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder dress to barely cover her waterline. Check out those nipples… for yet another time.

Paris Hilton nipple 1 Paris Hilton nipple 2 Paris Hilton nipple 3
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Yay, this one makes me sweat all over. Who’d ever thought I could ever bee the one to peek between Jamie Lynn Seigler’s cute legs and see the pair of her freshly waxed pussy lips! What else is left to say, both me and my little friend here stand up to salute the courage of the Hollywood star with contempt for conventions!

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Young Emma Watson who has just had her 18th birthday suddenly turned into a hot babe within celeb upskirt affairs. The chick is in the car is showing a nice glimpse of transparent black panties and you will not miss the chance to take a look at her sweet not shaved pussy. Harry Potter’s smart friend is good not only at her studies but in paparazzi oops pics as well

Emma Watson pussy oops 1 Emma Watson pussy oops 2 Emma Watson pussy oops 3
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Another Britney Spears upskirt affair – the wicked girl is wearing a decent black dress but as she leaves the car you realize there is quite a picture to see. The chick forgot to put on her panties or probably the fact she is not wearing underwear completely slipped her mind. Britney is definitely one of the girls who love showing their well-groomed vags

Britney Spears oops 1 Britney Spears oops 2 Britney Spears oops 3
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Pamela Anderson was hitting a party in LA, a well-known land for plastic people. Pam is marching with her dress covering only half of her celeb butt, absolutely drunk and probably on drugs. Just look at her company and you’ll get it all. Plastic lips, boobs and asses are everywhere! In addition Pamela shows off her huge boobs, laughs out loud and seems like she got totally crazy!

Pamela Anderson oops 1 Pamela Anderson oops 2 Pamela Anderson oops 3
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Here are a few cool paparazzi shots of redhead singer from Pussycat Dolls band. Her dress slid down from the shoulder because of intensive dancing. Hot chick haven’t even noticed that and happy paparazzi took some nice pics of her hard nipple. Is it hard because she is all excited or just because she was shaking her boobs to hard during the performance? No matter what the reason is I still love watching those hot suckable nipples

Carmit Bachar oops Pussycat dolls oops Carmit Bachar boobs

Who could expect Sophie Marceau to have that hot boobs at her age! Although it’s extremely difficult to find her celeb nude photos in the internet, there is nothing impossible for the true celebrity naked shots specialists like myself. All paparazzi were freaking happy when Sophie’s dress slid out from her shoulder and revealed that mouth-watering celeb boob. I can tell that her tits are in a great condition: firm, with cute brown nipples on the top, they look both so inviting and tempting! Check out these hot paparazzi shots and you will definitely come back for more!

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These are one of the greatest paparazzi shots ever of Sienna Miller’s butt! While entertaining with her boyfriend on the yacht, the couple is being constantly watched by paparazzi that never miss a chance to make some hot celebrity shots. When Sienna was getting out of water, her tiny bikini panties slipped down and revealed her celeb butt! What a nice view!

Sienna Miller oops 1 Sienna Miller oops 2 Sienna Miller oops 3
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Is there anyone here who has never seen Pamela Anderson’s pussy? No way! Well, here is a great opportunity for you to see Pam’s celeb pussy, but this time in panties. She came to see Lakers playing in LA and got the sits in the first row. Luckily paparazzi took their places on the opposite side and made few very cool upskirt shots of Pamela’s pussy. Why don’t she go commando like the rest of celebrities? Pam’s bare celeb pussy is so much more fun to see!

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